'Jumping In' in Greece

What: Boat cruise in Greek Islands- Jumping into the Aegean Sea

When: May to September

How: Boat cruises leave from Santorini from the port of Ammoudi

Framing this Experience: I’ve always been afraid of big bodies of water - the vastness and deepness is scary to me. I’ve had an anxiety attack swimming in the ocean before, and since then have avoided swimming in big bodies of water. I was in Greece with my sister a few years ago and we went out on a boat cruise with a local guiding company (we used Sunset Oia). As we cruised, there were lots of opportunities to jump in the Aegean sea. I was terrified, but didn't want to miss the chance, as I didn't know if/when it would ever come up again. My sister and I stood on the edge of the boat, and plunged in together. I'll never forget the feelings rushing through me- I was filled with exhilaration. Standing on the edge and taking the plunge required mind over matter. It was the best day of the trip, and one I'll never forget. Fears really can't stop you if you don't let them, and I'm so glad I didn't let my fear of the ocean stop me.

Ally Sobol