Surfing in Morocco

What: A 6D/7N Surf Trip in Tagazhout, Morocco, with daily surfing, delicious family-style meals, and cultural excursions to markets and Hammans.

When: Offered through the year

How: Surf Maroc

Framing this Experience: This trip was marketed as “Girls Surf Maroc” which I have to admit, made me a little skeptical about who would be there. I added this onto a work trip to Spain, with some conviction that I needed to do something for myself. I wasn’t nervous about the physical part of the experience, more about all of the cultural unknowns of traveling to a Muslim country, and also who would the other “girls” be (I was picturing 14-15 year olds in roxy bathing suits)? Luckily, the women on the trip were amazing, and from all over the world- Greece, Canada, Russia, and France. On the other hand, the cultural unknowns kept me out of comfort zone the entire time. Arriving in Marrakech, I had to navigate to my hostel using landmarks rather than street names (see image below), upon arriving, I was asked to sit down for tea before any conversation about check in happened. I went to the market in the afternoon and ordered orange juice from one of the stalls, but hurried back to the hostel before sundown as I had heard women shouldn’t walk around alone. In Tagazhout, we spent 7 nights together with no drinking, and our guides took prayer breaks throughout the day. We visited a hamman where 3 women scrubbed me down with black argan oil mud. The waves were huge, and I was exhausted from surfing, but the cultural parts of this experience are what helped me grow the most. What I learned: Notice as stereotypical thoughts arise, and then question them. Be curious and patient as cultural norms different then your own slow you down. - Jeanette

directions to riad layla rouge
Jeanette Baum