Ax-Throwing in Canada

What: A 1 hour experience in Montreal Canada throwing axes at a target.

When: Offered year round

How: Sports de Combat (also possible to book via Airbnb Experiences)

Framing this Experience: In an effort to do more than just eat and drink when visiting cities, I try and find experiences that give a little bit of cultural context. Ax-throwing has become a popular tourist activity in locations across North America- and Montreal was one of the first cities to jump onboard with trend. This was not a ladies-only experience, and I noticed myself being more nervous than I would if it was just women. Self-consciousness aside, this was FUN, and got my adrenaline pumping. Turns out throwing sharp objects is exhilarating. There was also an element of trying to build a skill, and over the course of the hour, I got a little better with every throw. What I learned: Building a skill while traveling is an interesting way to spend time, and there is a feeling of accomplishment even after 1 hour. It got me thinking about other skills that you can build in one hour windows. -Jeanette

Jeanette Baum