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Turning travel into growth


Using travel as a tool to build women’s confidence

Think of your best travel experience. What were you thinking and feeling during the experience? Was there an element of risk? An element of support and comfort? Who was part of the experience? How did you understand the experience before, during, and after the experience? Did you learn something about yourself from the experience?

The word “transformative” is often used when talking about travel, but what does that really mean? The best travel helps us grow. But how? Here are the Brave Pursuits elements of Travel for Growth:


Self-awareness: When we are aware of our values, perspective, and emotions, we can make more meaning out of experiences.


Risks: When we take risks, we are practicing taking action. In turn, we get more comfortable with taking action- filling us with confidence.


Supports: Being out of our comfort zone is challenging. It’s important to know when we need to lean back into comfort and support.


Connectedness: Whether it’s connection to place or connection to others- transformative experiences make us feel connected.


Travel is…Tumbling into the unknown.



The problem we are solving

Men initiate salary negotiations four times as often as women do, and when women do negotiate, they ask for 30 percent less money than men do. (Chipman and Kay, The Confidence Gap)

The research is clear- women have less confidence than men in the workplace early in their careers, and it creates a confidence gap that contributes to persistent workplace inequality.

Brave Pursuits is tackling the confidence gap in the workplace using travel as a tool for personal and professional development. Why use travel? We have met hundreds of women over the years that have courageously stepped out of their comfort zone to travel the world through study abroad, teach abroad, and leisure travel. These women’s stories of success ooze with self esteem, optimism, self compassion, self efficacy, and most importantly… confidence.

Brave Pursuits curates and designs travel experiences to authentically build women’s confidence. This embodied confidence emanates into salary negotiations, raised hands in board rooms and town hall meetings, and critical questioning of HR decisions about flex time and family leave policy. It’s time to shake up the system, and we are leveraging travel to do it.

Brave Pursuits is building a network of women that love travel, and telling their stories of Travel for Growth. There are lots of ways to get involved. We are currently looking for blog contributors, and focus group/interview participants.


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